About Larry Montz

Larry Montz is the co-host of Larry & Daena DO VEGAS! on HealthyLife.net – All Positive Web Talk Radio. Visit VegasRadio.Today for show details!

A little history on Larry Montz:

Larry Montz is an American field parapsychologist with 4+ decades of field studies and experience.  He is best known for his pioneering applications in field parapsychology.  His high-profile work changed how the world views, accepts and participates in paranormal matters and created a vast, international paranormal industry that continues to flourish today.

Montz’ work has embraced  multiple arenas including tourism and media since the early 1990s.   His revolutionary GHOST EXPEDITIONS (implemented in 1994) provided the world with the  first-ever, organized paranormal field workshop designed specifically for hands-on learning and participation by the general public.  Montz’ initial Internet presence and mainstream international media appearances and productions brought significant awareness of  field parapsychology and paranormal matters to people around the globe and gave Montz the title of most internationally televised field parapsychologist.   His parapsychological ‘team’ field work and unique projects from GHOST EXPEDITIONS to the PARAPLEX – Paranormal Complex,  garnered worldwide attention and spawned countless imitations.

Larry Montz is an award-winning creator and producer of the 1999 documentaries, ISPR INVESTIGATES GHOSTS OF ENGLAND and ISPR INVESTIGATES GHOSTS OF BELGRAVE HALL.  As a professional photographer, his photo credits span a wide spectrum including album covers, advertising materials, Mardi Gras events, celebrities, landscapes, and Playboy Playmates and Playboy events.    His first book with co-author Daena Smoller, ISPR INVESTIGATES THE GHOSTS OF NEW ORLEANS, is sold around the world.  Montz is also the content provider for the Official Paranormal Guide – New Orleans app on iTunes.

Visit this Larry Montz blog  regularly for updated posts and photos.  And for more in-depth information on Larry Montz and his work in Hollywood, visit IMDb.me/Larry.Montz  and check out the the IMDb Resume and Photo sections – each packed with factual metadata.   And for collections of more random images – a work in progress that will aim to span 4 decades – check out the boards of Larry Montz on Pinterest.   And for a collection of information links, visit LarryMontz.com.